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Quick Start Guide/Growth Guide

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Quick Start Guide/Growth Guide

Post by Boo/KillerHeels on Fri May 11, 2012 1:05 pm

Follow this guide to the letter and you will grow FAST!!

1. Buy 10 of the first 3 Defence pots from the Market (phone) or Supplies (pc)
2. Buy 10 of the first 3 Spy Defence pots from the market (phone) or supplies (pc)
3. Explore first 8 lands
4. Build 6 Forges (lvl1) & 2 Guilds (lvl1)
5. Hire 1 ally worth 10+ million (look for an ally with bad stats so they don't get bought back!)
6. Buy 9 allies @ 10m/each (Your allies should now total 100m)
7. Upgrade all Forges & Guilds to lvl2
8. Buy 12 allies @ 20m/each (Your allies should now total 340m)
9. Make sure you have 10 of the first 6 Defnece and Spy Defence pots
10. Explore lands 10-13 and build 4 Forges (upgrade straight to lvl2)
11. Upgrade all other Forges to lvl 3
12. Buy allies so you now have a total of 700m in allies
13. Explore lands 14-16 and build 3 Forges (upgrade straight to lvl3)
14. Upgrade all Guilds to lvl3
15. Buy allies so you now have a total of 1.5bil in allies
16. Explore lands 17-20 and build 4 Forges (upgrade straight to lvl3)
17. Explore lands 21-25 and then:-

Attack/Balanced Build:
Build 5 guilds and upgrade all to max then build attack buildings

Hansel Build:
Build 5 guilds and replace all but one of the Forges upgrading all to max

Reset Build:
Build 5 Forges (upgrade straight to lvl 3) then Follow the Reset Guide

Explanation - Defence Pots:
Buying Defence and Spy Defence pots will defend your kingdom against attacks. Everytime you are attacked one of each pot will be used to boost your defence stats. It would be wise to keep them topped up. Aim to have 10 of EVERY Defence and Spy Defence pot by the time you reach 25 lands

Explanation - Allies:
Allies boost the gold you make from each attack - the more you spend on allies, the more you get. There is a cap to this called Max Plunder - ALWAYS make sure you are at Max Plunder so you are getting as much gold from your attacks as possible! There is a more detailed explanation in the Max Plunder post in this Help section.

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