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Max Plunder

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Max Plunder

Post by Boo/KillerHeels on Thu May 10, 2012 1:54 pm

What is Max Plunder?

There are two types of plunder that each player receives when they attack a target. (This does not include spy actions; ie- steal, assassinate, scout).

1) Plunder - this is based solely on the buildings that you have (i.e.- the number of buildings and the type of building).
2) Allies bonus - this is calculated by the total amount you have in allies. Each ally that you have (statistics do NOT matter when it comes to ally bonus) increases to the amount of gold that you make from “Ally bonus” when you attack a target.

PLEASE NOTE: There's a 'Max Plunder' cap that’s governed by the amount of buildings you have and what type - you are aiming to be at 'Max Plunder' at all times so you are earning maximum gold from your attacks!

Checking you are at Max Plunder

Every time you buy a new land and place a building on it, upgrade an existing building or sell an ally you should check your plunder.

1) Attack the Epic Battle
2) Take note of the plunder you receive from your “Allies Bonus”
3) Now go buy a cheap ally and hit the same target again.
4) Check the plunder you get from your “Allies Bonus”.
- If this number increases- then you are not at MP (max plunder). This means that you need to buy more allies and check again.
- If the number remains the same, then Congratulations! Once your Allies Bonus stops increasing you have reached Max Plunder

Don't forget that each time you upgrade or sell an ally; you need to check it again!
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