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ESTOC War Etiquette

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ESTOC War Etiquette

Post by Boo/KillerHeels on Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:40 pm

These wars are very different than previous war system - very intense, but loads of fun!

Preferred Requirements:
14 Mith (All war spells)
150 attack/def pots
250 spy attack/spy def pots
100% activity throughout war
(this includes the actions from throwing 2 xtals)

Rewards Upon Win:
1 level of Estoc - Increased eb plunder with every level up to 42%
Increased item drops (apparently lol)
All Mith spent will be returned
Pot money returned
Pride lol

All pots and miths used by all participants from both sides are piled up, and divided among winning team, giving the most active most.


Running your own show, failing to respond to targets WILL hurt the clan !!
When Target is named stay with it till KO'd, target may be named a minute before coming out of cage, so you may experience a defender is KO'd message, stay with the target till it appears in CC as XXXX have been Knocked out.

If multiple targets are being named by commander

Target # 23 xxxx , #47 xxxx and #18 xxxx
Start with 23, stay with him till KO, then move on to 47 .. aso.

When you are Knocked out, sweep the enemy roster for open targets !!

If target is open when you try to attack, ass, steal or scout:
You will get a message saying: You're knocked out, unable to perform this action, and the minutes remaining till you come out of cage.

If target is closed when you try to attack, ass, steal or scout:
You'll get get a message saying: Defender is currently knocked out

Report the open targets you find in cc, so your clannies can target those.

Autojoin & Opt In
The war is autojoin - you will be active from the start so be ready. Make sure all gold is banked (either in bronze bars or allies) and mith spells are cast after you receive the message saying you can (45mins before war start)

If you want to in to the war there is a mith spell in the alchemist called Wave of Conflict. This should be cast BEFORE signup of the war you would like to join. It will last for that war only. If you want to join the next war you will need to cast again. No spell = no war!

This system is built on knockouts - there is no 'pin'. You can be attacked and spied to zero. When this happens you are 'knocked out' and you are in the cage for 15 mins (you cannot attack anyone and no one can attack you). When knocked out you will lose a proportion of your war plunder and the opponent will gain it.

IMPORTANT! If you are close to being knocked out, knock yourself out first! You still lose plunder, but less, and most important - they do not gain it!

Objective of the war is to gain the most plunder. Therefore to maximise your (and clans) plunder follow these simple rules:

Be Active... ALL WAR!
Be at max plunder
Report everything!
Listen to war commanders and follow their instructions TO THE LETTER!
Choose targets you can win against
Sit on opponents and time their knockouts
Bank gold after every attack run

Be Active:
Activity is key! These wars are very intense and everyone needs to be on the ball to win. If there are no targets, sweep sweep SWEEP and find the xtallers! Be on the look out for incoming reports. There is many things you can be doing even if you are in the cage - Record knockout times, find a target to hit as soon as you come out of the cage (they will be timing your knockouts - trust me)

Be at Max Plunder:
System wars are all about plunder - the side with the most plunder wins. With this in mind everyone should be at Max Plunder or you are losing valuable gold for your team - see Max Plunder post if you are not sure what this is.

Reporting your hits:
Reporting your actions enables the war commander (or team) to direct attacks to open targets. No reporting means everyone will have to search for targets, which isn't efficient.

This system is fast-paced so reporting requirement are a little different - learn to read these reports so you can act on them:

(Type of action) (target) then (open/dtw/no spies)

att pod open (he needs attacking/assassing/scouting)
att pod dtw (his troops are zeroed and he needs his spies scouting)
scout pod zero spies (his spies are zeroed and he needs his troops assassing/attacking)

Reporting incoming hits:
Reporting incoming hits are essential! Reporting enables us to see who is active (and inactive) and we can hit to get any gold back by responding to incomings before they bank that gold. If you have incs then that person will be low on troops/spies and can be knocked out easily:

Inc /type of action / Attacker

Example: inc steal pod


NEVER EVER, Xtal on your own.
Chances are you'll get caught and opponenet will gain plunder from it.
Always xtal in large packs, preferably entire clan.
Commanders will tell you when to xtal, it is essential you have your xtal ready when asked to use them, as this is one of the tools commanders have to turn a war around, or create a gap so wide opponent will be demoralised.

What is the Tower Build?

It is a build that contains a combination of 20 or more spy defense and/or regular defense towers, as well as at least one spy building (Volary and/or SOS). The Tower Build allows you to be DTW to attacks as long as your spies are pinned, and allows you to be DTW to assassinations and steals as long as your troops are pinned.

How do you pin a Tower Build?

If a Tower build has no spies and is DTW to attacks, you have to assassinate their troops to zero to KO it. If a Tower Build has no troops and is DTW to assassinations and steals, you have to scout their spies to zero to KO it.

Listen to war commanders and follow their instructions TO THE LETTER!
These wars are won by TEAM WORK! Think about it... more people on one target = quicker, more efficient knockout. Please listen to your commanders - they know what they are doing. Their names will be different colours in chat... do not follow any instructions from non-coloured players. If we all work together - we can overcome any opponent.
It IS hard to KO an opponent on your own. Do tag team the opponents, your troops/spies will stay higher, and targets will be KO'd faster. Also gives YOU a better chance of getting the KO loot, as the opponent DID actually get KO'd. Also when you tag team an opponent, you're less likely to be counter attacked. As counter attacking is the fastest way to SKO, having multiple guys on your target, will make it hard for the enemy to SKO -he'd have to be really fast.

Choose targets you can win against
Seems obvious! But you will be surprised how many times people try and attack impossible targets! You only have so many troops - make sure that they are making the most money for you and your clan! Read the reports after you hit someone - they will tell you if you had any chance in hell of winning! If you fail - let cc know someone is open and try the next target. The only time you should ignore this advice is if war commanders direct everyone to knock a very active opponent out!

Sit on opponents and time their knockouts
Ok so this is probably the most important piece of advice. when an opponent is knocked out - they will be active again in exactly 15 mins. Their troops and spies will be very low and will be weaker. An easy knockout - which means easy plunder!! The secret to this game is finding an opponents out of cage time and get them back in the cage as soon as possible.

Also - a lot of opponents will 'fight from knockout' which means they will come of of cage and immediately knock themselves back out on someone. We need to catch them before they do this or they gain plunder.

War commanders will be keeping an eye on knockouts but there is nothing stopping you from finding your own 'cash cows' and sitting on them Wink Remember to report in cc for help knocking out.

Banking Gold:
So easy to get caught out... but bank quickly! If you get an opposition side who are good at reporting incomings you cannot afford to keep money out. You can bank instantly by buying an ally, but if you are pinned you should be able to bank in pots quite easily after every attack without losing any if you prefer.

Lastly.... HAVE FUN!! At last we have a war system where we can actually hit opponents!! bounce

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Re: ESTOC War Etiquette

Post by PrideofDenmark on Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:34 pm

in reality you would naturally never hit or steal PoD as that would mean your slow and cruel death Razz

Be aware:


affraid Mith will never be up for sale again affraid

Be active . Be reliable .

Reporting is everything - especially inc, as this is crucial as to commanders targeting.

Keep in mind, that if someone attacked you or send spies at you, you can be sure of 3 things:

They are active, so there is a bonus from knocking them out, yay.

They are active, so if we smack them, they won't get plunder off us.

They hit you, so they have less troops/spies right now! so lets tag team 'em.

The 12 new equips will be bought at the Alchemist / items using mith as currency

.. and finally .. just a quick hint, if you're about to get Ko'ed:

2 ways off avoiding opponent taking a part of your plunder:

you can either xtal ( you only have 2 tho during war)

or the fastest way to self KO:

Hit/steal the guy in your newsfeed (the attacker)
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